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Hello my sweet friends, my dedicated readers…my support team. I have to admit this blog post comes to you a little bittersweet. Bitter because to hasn’t been the best week for me and I’ll tell you why. Sweet because this day of apple-picking was one of the best days I’ve had since moving to New York City and I am so happy we did it.

Some of you might be aware that Wyatt and I had a little bit of a rough start in our new city. Numerous things took away from our happiness and crushed our plans like our vehicle being broken into, my job transfer falling through, losing friends who I thought I would never lose and so much more. I thought things were slowly looking up until just yesterday a small job I had that was keeping me busy decided that they no longer needed me. It ended on great terms but still disappointing nonetheless.

I feel like I can’t catch a break. It’s like the universe is doing everything in it’s power to bring me down and I’m just over here saying “Stop picking on me!” My depression has officially taken over. I spend my days in bed watching Netflix and cuddling with Finley. This is my life. I know it will get better but I’m just curious when exactly that will be. Ya know? The day I found out I was let go of my job, I let myself cry it out for a moment or two and then I got up from the couch and said “Dammit! I will not let myself ruin another day! We’re going Apple-picking.” Wyatt was the main influence behind this sudden rush of motivation. He’s been so amazing, so patient, so gentle and kind during this bumpy phase in our lives. I truly cannot even fathom what I would do without him. He’s my rock day in and day out. I’m one lucky girl. 

We spent this special day driving to who-knows-where New York, dipping in and out of New Jersey. The Autumn leaves were incredible and made the entire drive a breeze. Once we finally got to the Apple Orchard we became little kids again, running through the aisles and climbing up apple trees. I wish we could relive this day over and over. I’m so blessed in so many ways and things can only go up when you feel like you’re at rock bottom. I hope this life in NYC becomes all that I’ve ever wished it to be. I want to leave this city someday loving it and loving the memories it gave me…not hating it and itching to get out.

Good vibes, please come my way.

With Love,

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4 thoughts on “Apple Picking

  1. Karissa, you are such an inspiration to girls like me who have big dreams and need just that little push of motivation to keep them going. I have no doubt that you will get everything that you want living in your new magical city because of the person you are and incredible talents that you have! Keep your head up and if nothing else- just remember the inspiration that you are to so many of us ❤

  2. Hi karissa!

    Idk if you already found another job but I think you should get into the luxury boutiques in NY. I live in SF and I had a rough first YEAR here and am barely getting out of it. But I have been working for YSL and all of those stores pay ridiculously well in major cities since they base it off of how expensive the city is. Maybe it won’t be the job you’re looking for but I have made a lot of great connections in corporate and the buying teams, and Visual Merchandisers. Any of those stores are a great job to have while you find yourself and what you wanna do. Love you and your style and am sending you a huge virtual *hug* like the one I needed this last year. It really does get easier.

  3. Hi Karissa, I’ve been following you for awhile now. I love your photos and was wondering if you can give me some tips. I’m a newbie so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post about your current struggles… my husband and I were in the same boat about a year ago but through my struggles came humility and a understanding that God has a great plan for mine and your life even when it seems so far out of reach. God is always on time and through hard times you’ll have a greater perspective of who God is and how much he loves you. Take care and be blessed.

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