Color Block

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As you’re reading this I am probably attending my very first New York Fashion Week fashion show. To be completely honest, I am going into this exciting and chic experience completely blind. I have no idea what to expect, what to do, and worst of all: WHAT TO WEAR. With all these mixed emotions about NYFW what stands out more than anything is how grateful I feel for this opportunity. You could say this was a dream of mine, to attend NYFW, and here we are. Finally.

I cannot wait to tell you more about NYFW once it’s over. I was invited to only a few shows this season, I think it’s all I can currently handle anyway but I’ll be sure to Snap and Instagram the entire time. With so much happening in my life at the moment (new job, new atmosphere) it all comes with growing pains: Uncertainty, strains in relationships, financial obligations etc. My brain is occupied to it’s absolute maximum capacity and I’m still deciding on whether or not that’s a good thing. When so much is going on, good or bad, I stick to what I know when it comes to keeping my look chic. I stay grounded with shift dresses. This one in particular is beyond comfortable while still remaining city chic.

With love,

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2 thoughts on “Color Block

  1. I love the color combo. I had thought this was a tee and skirt at first but having it as dress is even better. It just makes getting dressed easier. Cute outfit as always and can’t wait to hear about fashion week!

    xo Erica

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