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What’s trending you ask? All you need is a choker, a graphic tee, a spaghetti strap piece of clothing and a cute as can be puppy on your arm. I’m sure you’ve seen this trend all over your Instagram recently. I know I have so I decided to give it a whirl. Not gonna lie, I’m hooked. I never got into chokers, not even back when they were cool in 7th grade but I sure do love them now because they’re so simple and easy to pull off- right up my alley. I also have enough graphic tees to last me the rest of my life, stashed in the back of my wardrobe. I finally have a reason to pull them all out and develop new and excited outfits! That’s why I absolutely fashion. It’s all about evolvement-challenging you to recreate your old with the current, the new. YES.

In the end, whats currently trending is what I’m currently loving.

Give this fun trend a try!

With love,

©Karissa Marie

Top. Dress. Choker. Hat. Shoes

Lipstick. Foundation

(Puppy not for sale) 

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