Street Glam

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Since my announcement of moving to New York I’ve been rocking this hat more than usual. I can’t help but feel giddy when I wear it because it symbolizes more than just my hubby’s favorite baseball team. It symbolizes the city that I’m about to make my home and all the hard work and preparation of getting there. This was my last photo shoot in Denver so I thought wearing this cap would be fitting. I’m so excited to see my style evolve and grow since I’ll be pushed past my limits in a city that’s known to be one the greatest fashion cities in the world. I’ve been bored and restless with my outfitting but I’m about to embark on a whole new playing field. I truly cannot wait to be in my own skin surrounded by people who have the same passion as me.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Hat. Tank-(Similar HERE. HERE.). Skirt. Shoes.

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