Easy Breezy Jumpsuit

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Put me in a jumpsuit and I’m forever happy. A striped one, a blue one, a red one, a black one, a strapless one, a button-up one, and even back baring one…I’m all for it. I can’t tell you enough how much I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. They’re so trendy and easy to wear. You don’t even have to try to be fashion forward in them because, girl, you already are. They take all the work out of planning an outfit because they’re statement enough. Since I began my journey with jumpsuits, I’ve accumulated more than I can even mention but there always seems to be one that comes out that I absolutely have to have. This breezy, skin baring jumpsuit is absolutely perfect for summer and perfect for a day at the beach.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


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