Orange Red

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I had been eyeing this bright orange red dress for awhile now. I ended up snagging it on mega sale at Anthropologie recently and I haven’t been able to take my eyes off of it. It shines so bright in my closet along with my other bright orange pieces. I’m starting to see a theme here. It’s easily my all time favorite color to wear.

Wyatt and I went to some festival in downtown Denver and ran off to shoot these photos before the sun went down. We brought Finley along for the adventure because we read that taking him out and about is healthy. He needs to socialize. Nearly every person that passed had to come up and say hi. I’m happy to share the puppy breath and sweet kisses but sometimes enough is enough! Just kidding, but really though, he draws a lot of attention on himself. He can’t help it…he’s that cute.

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3 thoughts on “Orange Red

  1. The biggest lesson I learned from raising a puppy is to give them as many new and positive experiences as possible. Anything negative they experience at this age will stay with them forever. We let our small dog play with a group of boxers and they almost trampled her, which led to an unbreakable fear of large dogs. If there’s a situation you can’t control, I’d recommend removing your young vulnerable dog from it. He’s adorable! Good luck!

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