Little White Dress

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This summer heats calls for a summer mini dress.

I’ve only been comfortable in dresses as of lately. They’re really the only thing that this heat calls for. I love to remain minimal and just let the dress do all of the talking. I’ll throw in a bright clutch here and there but for the most part, it’s summer and less is more! My all time favorite feature of this dress are the tassels on the shoulder. LOVE!

Since cutting my hair I’ve stayed away from everything that’s too bulky on my shoulder area because it makes me feel disproportioned. Too avoid feeling like this I’ve been connecting more with sleeveless, halter and mock neck shaped tops. I’ve sadly stayed away from my blazers and favorite boxy silhouettes. Hey, we all have insecurities and mine just happens to be that I don’t want my body to feel bigger and oddly disproportioned to my head okay!

With Love,

©Karissa Marie





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