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Our Yankees VS. Rockies tickets are purchased and ready to enjoy. We are anxiously waiting for June 14th to arrive because we absolutely love baseball but more importantly, LOVE the Yankees. I’ll admit, I only enjoy socializing at baseball games and eating the overly greasy foods than actually watching the game but whatever, I’m still a Yankee girl. The last time we watched The Yankees we were in NYC for my birthday, nearly 10 months ago. We can’t wait! I plan on rocking this vintage style baseball hat along with something minimal for the game, pretty similar to this outfit post. I always have to bring along my trusty converse of course because we like to walk around the stadium  beforehand and pre-game a little if you know what I mean. I don’t typically wear baseball hats because I’ve always told myself that I look hideous in them. I thought that about lipstick once upon a time but then I gave it a try and look at me now. I can’t live without it. That’s the thing about finding your personal style, you have to TRY new things. I took a risk and purchased this hat and now I’m hooked. I’ll be rocking them all summer long.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie


Dress. Jacket. Hat. Shoes.

Foundation. Lipstick in “Cami.”

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