Mustard Please

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Ironically enough, I not a fan of mustard. I’ve never been. There’s something about it’s odd sour taste that leaves me reaching for some ketchup or even ranch. That icky condiment makes me cringe but oh man, oh man do I love wearing it. Mustard yellow has forever been my favorite color. I’m pretty sure since the beginning of time actually. I’ve been told I’m lucky enough to sport this color. It’s something to do with my skin tone and hair color but heck, I would wear it regardless. I love being that ray of sunshine, that hint of happiness that you can spot in a big crowd. There’s something so satisfying being the odd one out and being bold in a sea of ordinary. A hair trend that I’ve picked up on lately, and one that I’ve secretly loved forever, are the two “Princess Leia” buns on my head. Again, it gives me a weird sense of confidence because I know that no one else will be sporting it. Believe it or not, I get loads of compliments when I wear them out and about. I’m sure they’re probably thinking in their heads, “Oh this poor girl” but that doesn’t bother me.

I was told once that I use my sense of fashion and outfitting skills to hide the fact that I’m actually very insecure inside. To some level they were correct but honestly, I see nothing wrong in finding something that you absolutely love, something that makes you feel so vibrant and alive and using that to somehow give you the extra set of confidence that you might lack. I don’t see anything wrong with being insecure, quiet, and introverted on the inside while portraying the exact opposite on the outside. Hey, if something takes you out of the box you create around yourself and makes you feel alive and free then I say YOU GO GIRL!

Except if that thing is drugs. Don’t do drugs.

With love,

©Karissa Marie

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