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Mustard yellow in a hoodie form? SIGN ME  UP 100 TIMES! I feel so “Colorado” in this little ensemble. I’m sure I’m far from the mark but sometimes it’s okay to want to fit in for a day right? When I think of how people here in Colorado dress, I think of this: Relaxed, Distressed Denim, and Hoodies. I love a good laid-back look, especially on my days off. All I want to wear are my favorite boyfriend jeans and something oversized. I do love how most people in this state can make looking comfortable so chic and interesting. My style has been challenged and continues to grow and evolve the more I move from state to state. Everywhere shows me something new. I can’t wait to see what my next home teaches me.

If you’re in the market for something cuddly, warm, and SUPER CUTE then I think you’re in need of this mustard hoodie. It’s the best of both worlds and just might be my favorite new piece in my closet.

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Hoodie. Jeans. (Similar) Shoes. Fedora.


Foundation. Lipstick.

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One thought on “Hoodie

  1. Totally random, I remember in one of your early Twitter posts that you wanted green chili in Colorado. Have you tried, tamales by la casita? It’s pretty good!

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