DSC_0054copy DSC_0055copy DSC_0045copy DSC_0050copy DSC_0059copy DSC_0057copy DSC_0071_2copy DSC_0052copyThis might be the weirdest clothing item that I own but at the same time might be one of my favorites. This eye printed dress is Zara Summer ’14. It sold out so fast I didn’t even get the chance to put it in my cart, then Zara restocked it and my dreams came true. I may not express my love for bold, weird patterns enough on this page but I’m obsessed with all things high fashion. If you know me, you know that Mira Duma is my fashion icon. Her style is unpredictable and always unique. I think I fell in love with the way she always rocks her big bulky silhouettes. She’s very petite like me and I just love the contradiction in her style. I’ve never looked up to anyone as much as I do Mira. This post was definitely inspired by her love and my love for neoprene.

These pictures were taken back in August, by the lovely Aspen from Aspen Groen Media, right before I chopped off my hair. To my surprise, my hair is ALMOST back to this length. I think it’s all the high buns I’ve been rocking lately and putting less and less heat on my hair. Woo.

Thanks again Aspen for these awesome photos! Check out Aspen’s blog here and photography page here.

With Love,

©Karissa Marie

Dress-Zara. Shoes-Asos


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