Small town girl with big city dreams.

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^My face when my photographer (aka boyfriend) farted. 
IMG_1837 IMG_1841IMG_1865 IMG_1862Am I the only one that feels like this outfit belongs to a girl from Oklahoma? A girl who’s just out and about shopping her favorite local boutiques and picking up peaches at the Farmers Market on her way home that’s surrounded by a white picket fence and big red barn in the backyard? No? Okay, scratch that. But I did feel like such a country meets city girl in this outfit. There are hints of both lifestyles in this outfit. The metallic sweater reminds me of the bright city lights while the boots take me back to that open dirt road.

I will never regret growing up in a small town. I complained about it for a good 18 years but I’m so grateful my parents raised me in a itsy bitsy tiny town in New Mexico. What I miss most about that little town was knowing that there wasn’t such a rush to get places. People had manners. People cared only about the simple things. Life was about going to the high school football game on a Thursday night, or hanging out at the Sonic Drive thru. Gosh, do I miss those simple days.I do not regret the decision moving to a big city though. I’ve taken everything that my parents and good ole’ Farmington New Mexico has taught me and applied it to my life here in Denver. I’m happy and a little bit proud of myself to say that I’ve remained the humble, kind, and respectful person that my parents raised me to be. Sorry to say but no city, no state, no job, no amount of money or no amount of friends can change me. I will always remain little old me, that small town girl who’s chasing her big city dreams.



Top (similar)| Necklace | Shoes | Lipstick: Divine Wine by Maybelline

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