His & Hers

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Who knew that Wyatt was such a model? (Swooning over him as I’m typing)

Wyatt and I had a very relaxing/spontaneous date night. Spontaneous because we didn’t plan to have a date night because we are BROKE but then we remembered that his parents gave me a Cheesecake Factory gift card for my birthday. Which, by the way, was literally the most perfect gift. This girl (raised hand to the ceiling) loves food. Right after work we couldn’t wait to get our hands off our new friend the Canon 60D and I have to say that we’re falling more and more in love it as each second passes. Still learning how to use it. We ask our photographer buddies every chance we get some of the questions we’re having. Oh, and Wyatt wants to become a photographer now (add that to the list of occupations he’s tried) and I am all for it. Seeing him with the officiall Canon strap around his neck is the cutest thing ever. He’s good at basically everything so why not. Hope you liked this “His & Hers” outfit post. Hopefully this can inspire YOUR man that dressing cute can be effortless. I mean, throwing on a plain black tee and converse sounds good to me.




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