Merry Christmas everybody. Here’s a few pics of my Christmas. This year was a simple Christmas, it was more my style anyways. To be quite honest, it doesn’t even feel like Christmas, maybe I’ll have my spark back next Christmas eh? I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday, big or small.SONY DSC

We didn’t put up a legit Christmas tree this year, (I told you it was simple) so we have mini trees like this all over the house.

My bed sheets are festive. Go me.

This year is my 5th Christmas with Wyatt! This kid makes me the happiest girl alive. Blessed to call him mine. (Weird how were celebrating our 5ths together but we haven’t had our 5th anniversary yet.) Strange.  photo 3SONY DSC

The great thing about the holidays is all of my long distance friends coming back from college. It’s nice to catch up with old buddies. photo 1     The not so great thing about the holidays are all the people. I didn’t know this but there’s PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Crowds freak me out a bit and to makes matters worse, I walked around in heeled booties all day. I had enough. Here’s a pic to prove it. photo 2

All the 19 years I’ve been alive, I have never built a gingerbread house. I built my first one this year with my four little ones and it was seriously awesome! I now understand what I’ve been missing out all this time. We had to tell Bella to stop eating all the candy.

Xoxo, Merry Christmas!

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