Blush + Coal

Hello babes. I think it’s physically impossible for me to not go a day without wearing black. I never used to be like this. My favorite color’s were always peachy colors or yellow but I’ve gone to the dark side. Black is my ultimate favorite color. I do enjoy adding blush tones to my outfits every once in awhile, so I did exactly that. This is me trying to switch it up. I’m sure once spring comes around I’ll be back in the colorful world but as of right now, I’m enjoying the grunge effect. I love the feeling of being completely girly but also a side of “Hey, don’t mess with me.” Oh and how sweet is my boyfriend for buying me these shoes. These booties are EVERYWHERE right now. I’ve seen them on my favorite bloggers and celebrities. These are a must have for fall. I’ll post some links below so you can know where to get some like these.

My must have boots for fall! Check them out!

Under $50 Forever 21 Boots (Here, Here, and Here.)

TopShop (Here and Here)

Zara (Here and Here)

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