My Morning w/ Nearly Famous

Hello Everyone! I am so excited to tell my subscribers and supporters that I will be featured in Majestic Magazine. It’s a magazine that is based in the Four Corners. I am so honored and it’s all thanks to Nearly Famous salon. The lovely salon in Farmington, New Mexico asked me to model (and help style) their accessories for their feature in the magazine. How could I turn them down, they are so fabulous in every way.  They have so many amazing, bold jewelry that are appropriate for all ages. They also have some warm, cozy fall clothing like scarves and ponchos! I fell in love with their purses as well.  So fab. I have to say that I was just a bit nervous coming into the shoot. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a professional photo shoot but the lovely women at Nearly Famous made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere was so peaceful, yet fun. They took care of me and if you happen to pass by Farmington, NM you will not regret stopping by Nearly Famous. I promise. P.s. Like them on Facebook (here.)I walked in with a Starbucks in my hand, ready to roll. JoVella Blinzler did my makeup using Mineralogie makeup. Two words: Natural looking. It’s all minerals. I felt like a movie star after. Definitely heading over there when I run out of my famous Revlon 24 Hour makeup. For sure. Here are a few beauty shots. Don’t you worry, there are plenty more behind the scenes posts coming soon. Stay tuned!

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