Light Layers + my favorite nude lipstick

Ladies and Gents I have finally found a nude lipstick that compliments my skin tone. I have been on a hunt for the perfect nude lipstick FOREVER! I have tried every type of nude lipstick from blue undertones to brown undertones and most of them either made my lips either ghostly or kind of old lady-ish. TIp: You cannot settle when it comes to nude lipsticks. High standards ladies. Some can make you look older than you would like and some are just way too pink and make you look like a barbie, not in a  good way. Believe it or not the one nude lipstick that stole my heart was in fact from E.L.F. I don’t like wasting my time and money on cheap makeup but when I saw this matte one from E.L.F I really knew it was love at first sight. The reasons it works for me is because I have zero pigmentation in my lips. I literally have the whitest lips ever and this stick gives them a slight pop of pink and really adds color to my face in a light, subtle way. It is called “Nearly Nude.”  It’s prefect for everyday use and I will be heading back to the E.L.F section soon to stock up. You should too.

P.s. I burnt the poo out of my arm with my curing iron, I mean where else would I burn myself I don’t cook. ha. So, that’s why I have an adorable band-aid on my arm.  SONY DSC DSC09119_Fotor_Collage SONY DSC DSC09123_Fotor_Collage SONY DSCDenim Top: Target Top: Forever21 Pants:Target Shoes: Target Earrings: F21 Lipstick: E.L.F. “Nearly Nude”



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