Fall Florals

Hi babes! Everything has flipped for me this year. I loved black and white in the summer and now I’m craving florals for the fall. What is with me? I will never lose my love for black, it’s so chic I can’t stand it but this fall all I want to wear are floral patterns. There’s something about being different from everything and everyone else that attracts me. I enjoy being the odd ball. I’ve noticed that I’m not the only one who thinks that tho. Forever21 has recently came out with a bunch of floral and such. I wonder where I’ll be shopping!?! I also have never been a big fan of red but I’ve gotten rid of that thought too. Red is actually pretty cool guys. Who knew. I hope you enjoy this look. Comment, like or whatever you need to do to make my day.


 Entire Outfit: F21


Karissa Marie

3 thoughts on “Fall Florals

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