Outfit In a Rush

Another day, another outfit. What’s different about this OOTD though? It was completely unplanned. I almost love days like these more than days when I have time to think up a cute outfit. I like that my only option was to throw on whatever was in front of me and run out the door. After I realized what exactly I was wearing I was like “Hey, its not that bad.”

So here’s my point. You don’t have to spend 249738 hours the night before planning an outfit. You don’t have to be doing something important or going somewhere special to look nice. Find one nice piece of clothing and work from there. Today I told myself, “I WILL WEAR THIS PINK LEATHER JACKET OR ELSE” and b a m, here’s the end result. It took me about 2 minutes to pull it together and I was out the door. There’s really no excuse.

Love how you look throughout the day. You’ll be happier and more confident, I swear.

Sometimes, there’s beauty in the chaos.



Leather Jacket: Target Shorts: Thrifted Shoes: F21 Fedora: F21 Bracelet: Gift from my mommy Belt: F21 Shirt: Really old from Hollister



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