Work Attire: Stripes & Button Ups

IMG_4788 IMG_4797 IMG_4799 IMG_4808 IMG_4812Work attire should LOOK like work but FEEL like a vacation. Nine to five in head to toe fabulous is what work attire should be (in my book). Say good-bye to hand-me-down grey blazers and uncomfortable pencil skirts. Dressing professional is so different nowadays. I really think corporate businesses are more accepting of personalized work attire. If this isn’t true in your case, it’s a bummer you’re boss is a stickler. As long as your outfit incorporates these four things: professionalism, sophistication, conservatism, and a sense of drive…I don’t see the problem in expressing who you are in the corporate world. Nothing is more inspiring to me than seeing a woman work her little booty off all day long, 5 days a week in heels. Dressing nice is just proof that you have good taste and what boss wouldn’t appreciate that? I think people gain more respect when they take the time to really elevate their appearance. You’re colleagues will automatically feel threatened which I think in the “dog eat dog world” isn’t such a bad thing. If you wanted to step up your work game just add a sophisticated black blazer to this look and you’re golden.

Once you have a better outlook on dressing for your 9 to 5 job, you’re gonna look and feel you’re best and that just leads to more promotions, gigs, jobs, and SUCCESS! Go get ’em ladies (and gents).

With love,

©Karissa Marie


Top. Skirt. Leggings. Heels.

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9 thoughts on “Work Attire: Stripes & Button Ups

  1. Your work attire is something I could wear to my -5 job. Unfortunately it is diffucult to incorporate my style to my office job. The heels you are wearing are something I would see in an old black and white film.

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