Totally Tulle

IMG_3444 IMG_3457 IMG_3462 IMG_3486 IMG_3487If you’re in need of some quick and feminine holiday inspired outfits…I’ve got your back girl. I don’t think you could ever go wrong with a tulle skirt and a warm and cozy sweater. Let’s take things up a notch with a statement necklace (that I wear with every single outfit) and some fun bright heels. I love the femininity of this outfit. You can say that it was very “J.Crew” inspired. I’ve been shopping there a little too much lately. The guy that works there knows me on a first name basis. I have a feeling that this teal-ish stitched pullover is going to be my staple wardrobe piece this winter. I find myself reaching for it a lot because I think the color is stunning. I can wear it simple with just black leggings and combat boots or I go all out and pair it with a tulle skirt. Tulle seriously has my heart. I can never get enough of it. Someday, you watch, I will own every single color of tulle skirts.

Ladies, this holiday season, whatever you decide to wear…please do me a favor and don’t skip out on the lipstick. If there’s one time of year to be bold and try lipstick….it’s NOW!



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White on White

IMG_3414IMG_3404IMG_3393 IMG_3405 IMG_3408 IMG_3420You know it’s winter time when I bring out my one and only fur jacket. Out of everything that I have in my closet, no matter where it was purchased in the world, this jacket is by far my favorite clothing item that I own. If something ever happened to it, I would just die. It goes with every single outfit. It’s timeless and fierce. Period. I wore this little outfit on Friday night date night. White on white is always chic when it’s done right. I added some pops of color, as you should, with my necklace, lips and statement pocket. I bet you’re all so sick of me wearing these booties but I’m not sick of wearing them. They go with every fall outfit and are the comfiest shoes that I own. I adore them. Sorry NOT sorry. But what I am sick of…is my hair. I’m in need of a fresh haircut and color. My hair has totally been annoying me lately so pulling it back, out of my face, is the best option for me right now. Mom, (my hairdresser) where are you when I need you? I need your magic touch!  :)



Fur Jacket- D.A.S.H. NYC

Here are some fun faux fur jackets! Here, Here and Here

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Warm & Cozy Outfit

IMG_3260IMG_3255 IMG_3270 IMG_3296 IMG_3297IMG_3275

Hello Friends.

For a smooth Monday all you need are these few simple items. Turtleneck. Jeans. Booties and a poncho. Back to basics is key to surviving the beginning of the week. It’s hard enough getting out of bed in the morning so don’t make it even harder on yourself when choosing your outfit. Every outfit has to have some sort of statement piece. The statement piece in this number is this lovely poncho. I know a lot of people shy away from the loose/baggy tops but I embrace it girlfriend. It’s always relaxing to be relaxed. I don’t have to worry about any not so flattering angles poking through my shirt after lunchtime because we all know it happens. Slim tight shirts are great but not for a Monday. Be free and wear a poncho. It kept me oh so warm and comfortable, not to mention the color is absolutely gorgeous.

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Fun poncho’s herehere. and here.



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IMG_3318IMG_3307 IMG_3310 IMG_3315 IMG_3321 IMG_3329IMG_3316IMG_3325I’ve been watching Sex and the City 2 for a straight week now. It’s perfectly cheesy and fabulous and I love it. Carrie mentions how all she wants in life is just a little bit of sparkle. I have to agree with her. I don’t want the diamond ring type of sparkle but the twinkle in your eye type of sparkle. I want the little things. I can’t even type out what the “little things” are but I know that they are out there, somewhere in the universe, waiting for me. They may be small insignificant things that go unnoticed to most but I live my life around those little things and I sometimes tear myself apart when I don’t get them or when I don’t make them happen. I would like to go out to a breakfast place with my 3 best girlfriends every Saturday dressed up in our Saturday’s brunch best. I would like to wake up every morning, have a cup of tea, read a book, paint my nails, dress in a outfit that came from Vogue magazine, take a taxi to work, style and write for the magazine that I work for, have a candlelight dinner with my boyfriend, take a walk in the rain and finally come home to my bright apartment with exposed brick and pastel colored accents and sit on my fancy mustard yellow couch. I want that kind of lifestyle. A life full of sunshine and sparkle. I’ve been struggling with a few things here and there but mostly the fact that I’m not at THAT point in my life yet. I wish it was here already. I wish that I could fast forward through the doubt, struggle, and tears and just the be the person that I’m meant to me. Anyone with me? In the mean time, I’ll hide these tears with a sequin covered blazer and bright pink lipstick. I guess sparkle only counts if you work towards it right?



Fun sequined blazers- Here & Here

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Moving in with my boyfriend?




Where do I begin? No really, someone help me figure this out. For the last 6 months (ha, more like the last 20 years) I’ve been struggling with my next step. Will I go back to school? Will I move again? Will I find an amazing opportunity and take risks? Will I work for a fashion magazine? …And the biggest question of all: Will I move in with my boyfriend?






Here’s a little backstory if you’re new to my blog. My boyfriend Wyatt and I have been together for nearly 6 years. He’s my best friend, my rock, my sunshine. He’s where I will be for the rest my life. Period. We are the perfect match even though we’re complete opposites. We’ve been laughing and dancing in public since the 9th grade and it’s never stopped. He’s my favorite person to share my stories with, vent with, giggle with, eat with, cry with…he’s everything to me. I have no doubt in my mind that he is the one for me. I’m a better person because of him.




My dilemma. Every single friend I have lives with their boyfriend. Every movie I watch on T.V., couples live together like its no big deal. Both of my older brothers did it. But on the other hand, I have my mothers voice of wisdom in my ear, constantly whispering to not move in until I AM MARRIED. So please understand why I am so confused. I don’t know what to do. My brain says move in. It’s financially smart at the moment. But my heart says no, don’t move in. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to wait to move in with someone until we were married. It’s been my life goal, honestly. I was taught that it was the “right” way to do things. I knew it was gonna be hard but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard. I have one parent saying move in and the other saying the opposite. I’m an adult that cannot make my own decisions. Someone please make it for me because I’m terrified that I will choose wrong. I mean it’s 2014 people. Everyone lives together. So why is it so hard for me to make that decision?



Pros of living with your boyfriend

-It’s like a slumber party EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT

-Cheaper rent

-Making memories in our OWN little place

-Breakfast every morning…made by him. ;)

- We could coordinate outfits… hehe

- Use less gas from driving back and forth between places

- Waking up to his beautiful, mouth wide open, face

-Feeling safe

-Movie night- Sunday through Saturday

-Our place would be clean 24/7 because Wyatt is a clean freak

- We would have so much more room for activities!

Okay, next.

Cons of living with your boyfriend 

-Random smells. That is all.

No, I’m kidding.

-No where to escape from arguments. (It’s a girl thing.)

-I couldn’t have my clothes thrown every where but there’s really nothing else I can do about that one. Clothes will be thrown…..EVERYWHERE.

-Not being original. Choosing the easier way.

-Biggest one of all: I would feel like I let myself and my family down.


IMG_3365So here we are…Will I or will I not move in with my boyfriend. That is the question my friends. I have to make my mind up within the next 48 hours because my lease is up very soon. I will keep you all updated when the decision is made. My question to all of you is…What would you do?



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